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If any choir members would like to suggest a new piece for the choir to learn then you should visit this new Facebook page and add as much information as possible: CLICK HERE

14th July 2016 Following one last concert for the current season, we are now taking a well earned break. The concert last week provided us with some excellent recordings – pease see our SoundCloud page and have a listen. For current members and prospective new members the next season will begin with a rehearsal on August 10th.

11th May 2016  After a most hectic yet incredibly satisfying trip, Cantique arrived back on UK soil in fantastic spirits. The singing, the venues and the cameraderie were of the highest quality and all thought are directed on another trip to be organised in the future.

PS. I forgot to say that tracks from our Liverpool Cathedral concert on 8th April 2016 can be hear in a rough form – Andrew H is busy working on the at the moment. Head over  for a sneak preview. CLICK HERE

27th April 2016  Well then, some of us are there already, many more of us are travelling tomorrow with just a few more arriving on Friday.WHERE? you may ask.

Well, we’re not telling but we plan to sing our hearts out, and eat and drink well.
We will miss those of you not coming with us – that’s one of the strengths of Cantique, we sing and think as a group of good friends.
For those singing – just give it your best (in a controlled, balanced sort of way), remember the hard work done on blending, posture, enjoyment etc. and then  ….. enjoy the 19th hole.
For those not coming, give us a thought as we deliver the goods in our own inimitable way and just know that we miss you and will be looking forward to re-assembling again (on May 11th).
Going to bed now, we have an early start tomorrow. Hasta la proxima




20th April 2016   It’s time for the last couple of rehearsals before we take off for Belgium and all it has in store for us. The concert in Liverpool Cathedral was a great success and proves that we know the music. My congratulations and best wishes to everyone in the choir, just do your best.

9th April 2016 . well, off we go very soon to Liverpool Cathedral to try out our Belgian programme in front of a live audience. Good luck everyone, you have worked hard for this.

11am:    What a terrific performance. Well done everyone.

8th April 2016     Exciting news today. Cantique Podcast No 1 has been released, lots of room for improvement but I have proved that I can do it. What does the future hold ha ha.