Auditioning for membership
As Cantique is a small, intimate group of people, it is important that prospective members blend well within the group both in a musical manner and in a personal way.

The audition process can be an embarrassing one, especially for more shy people, and also puts undue pressure on prospective members who do not read music well. This latter point should not be a stumbling block to entry as it is very possible for someone to learn quickly and play a valuable part of the choir sound.

Audition process
With the above in mind, our way of auditioning prospective new members is to ask them to attend rehearsals for a period of 1 calendar month during which time the Musical Director will be observing your progress in a non-confrontational manner. At the end of the month the choir will offer their advice to the MD and he will then inform you of our decision. If you are deemed suitable we will ask you if your wish is still to join.
It must be noted that an audition is not a guaranteed entrance to choir membership until the choir has made their assessment.